Saturday, April 02, 2005

Song Lyrics for Reach for the Light - Steve Winwood 1995

This is on my mp3 playback repeat today:


REACH FOR THE LIGHT - Steve Winwood 1995

Deep in the night
the winds blow cold
and in a heartbeat
the fear takes hold

Deep in the storm
there's a place that's soft and still
where the road waits to be taken
if you only will

The voices inside you
can lead your soul astray
Believe in what you dream
Don't turn away
don't you turn away

Reach for the light!
You might touch the sky!
Stand on the mountaintop
and see yourself flying
Reach for the light!
to capture a star
Come out of the darkness
and find out who you are

Somewhere in time
the truth shines through
and the spirit knows
what it has to do

Somewhere in you
there's a power with no name
It can rise to meet the moment
and burn like a flame

And you can be stronger
than anything you know
Hold on to what you see
Don't let it go
don't you let it go


Now, there's no turning back
when your destiny is calling
Listen to the thunder roll
and let your heart break free


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