Thursday, April 07, 2005


I finally got rid of most of my ebay inventory. I posted an ad on (a relatively free classified online system) and a coin crane machine business guy came over and bought the rest of my inventory. He bought it for $.35 per doll which was a fireside sale. I feel like someone who went through a large burden for awhile. The plush was selling but not at the rate I hoped. It was a good learning experience and I believe that if I learn from it I am so mucht the better. You can see my ebay account at id d-lifeenterprises.


The Damned said...

I like you posts, I have put you in my favorites section. I believe I willl be frequenting your spot. I live in Jersey and am an REI also. Who knows maybe we can do a deal together one day.

Abundance & Success said...

I appreciate your comments. I am working / investing in the NY, NJ, and PA market. Currently I am creating the business system to bring more leads and processing them. I am a member of my cashflow group so it is a blessing to develop new investors meanwhile learning the game and playing it better and better at it. Let me know how you invest and if you want to do deals let me know.

email is