Thursday, September 01, 2005

1st Deal in Philadelphia

In Fall of 2004, I went to the Tax Deed Sheriff Sale in Philadelphia and bidded on a property in University City in Philadelphia.

How did I find it?
One of my friend's brother works in UPENN and just rode a bike and told me that he would live in the area as it was close to DREXEL UNIVERSITY. It was a shell that was completely boarded up or so I thought.

I went to the sale with a MAB or Maximum Allowable Bid of $27K as my initial comps were about $80K ARV or After Repair Value and thought that with sight unseen it was only about $15K to $20K of work. I did one drive by and it was an interesting area as around the corner was student rentals and even further was a school for the blind and various churches around. After the auction someone told me properties are going for 40K around the area - fixed up! I nearly choked when I heard that.

At the auction, I went head to head with a student who pushed the #s from 18K all the way to about 25K and .. I WON! It was the first bid out of 2 other bids that I made that I won! It was a great feeling and I was shaking after I went to the front to pay it off.

Excitingly we went there and opened the house and to my horror saw that the back extension was torn down with a wide gapping hole. Asking for a quick idea of how much it would be repaired for, a investor told me he can get a crew to do it for $36K.

In the meantime, I had an architect go through to draw plans on rehabbing the property. I have shopped the plans to over several contractors with prices from 45K to 120K !!!! Right now I plan to start rehab with my partner in the next 3 months as summer of 2005 is over but I believe I want to get ready for the spring time.

8/30/2005 - went to Philly with my friend and they are pricing the work out as they are contractors from NYC. I asked a realtor about how much is the value of this property and they said about 110K after fixed up with minimal "wow" factor. Just something clean. This is a big contrast to supposed comps around 40K last year! Talk about bad information.

9/29/2005 - I have taken over several construction bids on this. The range is from 35K to 120K! Suffice to say that one of my friends said it can be done for $50K without landscaping in the back. Another contractor told me if that they can do it they love to see the work done that low! Right now the shell is sitting and appreciating slowly but surely. In the future, I would be able to sell it as a shell but the creative part of me wants to do something for the community so I am still accepting bids. The insurance carrier hasn't gotten back to me on covering this shell.

1/5/2006 - I have been calling various lenders for a acquistion and rehab loan. I visited the house and a few people have taken off the wood and went inside without closing the property up. I am going to get it boarded in a week.

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