Sunday, December 18, 2005

Congratulations to Randal Pinkett - Apprentice # 4 !!!!!


I jumped up with excitment after the awaited words - YOU'RE HIRED by Donald Trump on Thursday night December 15, 2005. No I wasn't hired but the 2nd best thing happened - Randal Pinkett was!

He is a native of Newark NJ and one of my business partners went to school with him in Rutgers University. Also he is a neighbor of mine. I thought that the 2nd runner up Rebecca was extremely good in her last task but like Randal said, "there is only one Apprentice!"

Although there is some outrage for Randal not asking Rebecca be hired I believe there are a few factors why she shouldn't have been:

* Her record was 1-2 versus Randal's 3-0.
* Her first loss she was loyal to Toral who not only did a dismal job but also created a question on Rebecca's leadership and decision making ability.
* Rebecca's first win was task 11 in which it was only Randall and Rebecca on the same team.
* All of Randal's suite mates respect him and his style of leadership. In fact 14 of the 16 other candidates agreed that Randal should be the apprentice.
* Randal has years of experience in the real world in leadership while Rebecca is focused more in media.
* Randal shined from Day 1 as he established himself as a major player in contributing to every team he is on.
* Alla, though she is abrasive and head strong, has a better record and exhibited stronger abilities as a leader in many of the tasks.
* There were other 2nd runner ups just as qualified as Rebecca such as Jennifer M in Season 2 or Tana in Season 3 (yes she has tough last task but her record is better than Rebecca).
* Randal was right - there is only ONE Apprentice. This is the reason for the show. It would dilute his win and his achievements.

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