Thursday, April 07, 2005

Being an ANGEL for Tai03 in The Great Life Foundation

Today is the 2nd day for my buddy Tai03 attending the Awakenings for the Great Life Foundation. It has been awhile since my graduation from Lift Off and things seem to have been up and down which I create. When Tai03 approached me and said that he and his family are going to Utah to attend the training I was amazed and inspired that they trust in me that much to go look for themselves. The funny thing is that the when we declare that we are going for a vision that is when things come up to hinder us from achieving it. His wife had issues going, finding a babysitter, dealing with past limitations on what is right and wrong, etc... It is easier just to say yes and keep that commitment. For me I don't know what an Angel does but I was very happy that he choose to believe in himself and make it happen.

In the past 3 other people have said they are going to this training and then dropped out. It has hurt in my heart and I see that loving and caring does hurt. It doesn't mean I choose to stop loving which is my normal mode of things but it does feel like someone sidekicked me!

Right now he is into his 2 day of training. He is awesome and my buddies from The Great Life are there with him supporting him. What an awesome family I have!


Anonymous said...

hi. just curious... did this training use to be called IMPACT?

i was lift off 47.

it was awesome and has stayed with me my entire life...

if not.. thats ok.. any training is a great thing to do.

Abundance & Success said...

Yes it was. There was a split sometime ago and now Harmony has moved to be a non profit called - THE GREAT LIFE FOUNDATION. Are you still living your training? You can email me to chat at



Anonymous said...

cool. it was an awesome awesome training.. i still value it and live it daily.. after 15 years! anyone thinkin about it should put their fears aside and take it on !

Abundance & Success said...

Yes :) I am looking forward to see how my friend came out of it. For me my turning point is in the 2nd level :) Thanks!