Friday, April 22, 2005

2nd Month at the Kings County Recorder's Office

It is the beginning of the 2nd month of learning the County Recorders office. Right now it is a matter of getting the information and connecting with the home owners.

The following are methods that I gather from reading and speaking to some real dealmakers in real life like SuccessEnterprisesLLC. Some of which are:

1. Direct Mail.
2. Referral Networking.
3. Cold calling.
4. Door knocking or direct sales.

All are good. I am considering which system to use for the best use of time and money at this point.

On a side note many of the people that have gone through the cashflow group are starting to bud as they are becoming active (one of which is Dumbo and Reverendro's wife). Someone called me on some deals in Queens that they are short selling. It is an ok deal but the risk is high with low reward.

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