Friday, April 22, 2005

First Cashflow NY Round Table of 2005 - Playing Cashflow in REAL LIFE !

The Cashflow NY that I am an organizer with had its first annual ROUNDTABLE. I got the idea from Locutus9 from the RichDad forums. It came down to the wire as we found a place to rent a room and filled it with 18 members who were all interested in playing the cashflow game in real life.

We brought together various speakers including:

* African REI investor sharing his current investments in the Philadelphia market and sharing his #s on the current deal and deals in NJ - he just completed his 1st rehab in South Philly.

* Single afro american mon raising her child and working full time as a REI investor and sharing her wealth mindset about manifesting wealth through her biggest assest -> HERSELF! Her team is working on preconstructions in Georgia

* Chinese enterpreneur sharing about his manufacturing business in China and work in website designs and his partnership with another 20+ Israeli enterpreneur

* Late 20's Israeli enterpreneur and his startup company tripe-e-soft ( and collaborating with multi million dollar clients like Guess and New Balance while recently coming to USA!

* College student building a better web portal than CRAIGSLIST for classifieds!

These were some of the sharings that made the whole event GREAT! I felt real blessed to know so many people who are building abundant succes in their lives!

Thank you Locutus9 if you get to read this! :)


The Damned said...

Hello again,
I'm liking the round table. Is there room for another?

Abundance & Success said...

I haven't planned it out as of yet. Right now working on some other deals that I have outstanding. It is a great time. Did you go?

Abundance & Success said...
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