Saturday, March 05, 2005

Want Inspiration? Talk to Michael 1212

I received a email on Wednesday March 2, 2005:

I would like to meet with your group if you did not mind. I am in Detroit and would be willing to drive out to NYC. I have never played the board game(or been to NYC). I read you are looking for people who realy understand the game, I do not . I would not want to hold the group up, maybee I could just sit in on the game. It would be worth the trip to me just to be around like minded people. I could make it as early as this friday if that is OK.

Michael 1212

I contacted him quickly as I shared with him the value of time and if he may want to contact other cashflow groups closer. After all of my suggestions, he said he wanted to come to NYC.


I met Michael late afternoon on Friday to get to know him and show him a bit around Times Square. He was impressed by the energy of the city and the cleaniness (I still feel NYC is dirty though). My first impression is he is an unassuming guy with great positive energy. I enjoy talking with people that shine that. It gets me going!

After walking through the area, we moved to meet up with the CF101 Cashflow Group in NYC. The game started around 6:30PM in which it grew to over 30 people. Many people learned new things. I finally met Reverendro and his wife and also GuardianX. Reverendro had an great time as he wrote here -> [click here]. During this time Michael was playing CF101 and he looked like he was enjoying it.

After the game, we spoke a bit and Michael and went out with 2 other cashflowers. It was great hearing from Michael about his story and how he is primed in creating a beautiful powerful life. He has taken many steps and is not discouraged to make it happen. We spoke about his various ventures in business and using real estate as a vehicle to financial freedom. It was a good time as he also stayed in a oversized closet in the Habitat Hotel. There wasn't even room for a restroom!

All in all I am inspired by Michael as he saw the vision in his life and is creating it. Most others are not this enrolled in their visions and are hungry for their dreams. He affirmed that the power that I have to attract those who are powerful and like minded. He just came to play cashflow one night and then went home the next morning - talk about inspiring!

Thank you once again Michael, Reverendro, and GuardianX to take on your lives! You honor me!

PS You can read Michael1212's post -> [click here]

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