Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Opps from the Sheriff Sale! Learning Lesson from Life!

Ok. I am at the Sheriff Sale in Philadelphia and my team has purchased our first property off the Fairmount Park area. It was a good bid with it not going to high. We are going for our 2nd bid when the auctioneer starts with, "Starting bid is $9500. Do I hear any more?"

I stand up and say, "$9,600".

Auctioneer: "Going once, twice, SOLD for $9,600!"

I was very happy until I saw that NO ONE bid against me. This was TOO EASY and coming from the auctions there is usually another person bidding for any good property. I started to feel a bit worried. After the auction I drove as fast my hot foot can get me to the property site. To my horror and laughter I saw this:

Learning Lesson from theSheriff Sale! Posted by Hello


What happened is we notated the wrong property on this street. We were going for a house that was several door steps away (which was postponed). Suffice to say this was a $1k learning experience! Life can be a hoot and I just laugh at my errors and learn from it! Cool Deal -> NEXT! *smile*


Anonymous said...


Was it a 1K lesson because you guys walked away from it? Or just your share of the bid?

Abundance & Success said...

1k lesson in that we walked away. It was learning on keep our #s tight and to recheck our work. This is was a lesson of how we are sloppy. Thanks for the question. Let me know if you have any others!