Thursday, March 03, 2005

Harmony Trainings LIFTOFF !!!!! - Weekend 4

Wow... it is about a week since my last day of training in Harmony (now called The Great Life Foundation). It seems like a year since then but at the same time it feels like I haven't really left at all.

This weekend was an affirmation of all the things I have learned for the past few months:

* I am worthy of success. Simple thing to say and it took me some processes to be aware that yes I am worthy of this life.
* Acceptance of myself as a human being with my strengths and weaknesses.
* I am not a failure when I fail. Failure is when I quit moving and learning in life. I keep on moving to success and making mistakes and failing are part of the learning process.
* I am loved. I have been told many times by people and felt the love of God at times. It was amazing feeling it from people who I just knew a few weeks. I saw people change from half fearful shells to giving, powerful, loving, amazing persons. It is inspirational. Most of all I am loved by myself. This is one of the greatest knowings of all. I ask myself "what is the most loving thing I can do right now?".
* I am responsible / accountable. Things in life happen. I am responsible for how I feel and think about them and even to an extent created the circumstances that I going through.
* I am a creator. I am made in the image of God the Creator so I am creating things in life from my emotions to my outward surroundings. I CHOOSE on how it looks and CHOOSE on how to appear in life.

In this weekend, I created something special. The limits were what I imposed on it and no one else. I created LOVE for people who were ailing and sick. I created flowers and gifts to share the love and acceptance I had for them and it brought tremendous energy for the people as they saw my smiling compassionate face. It was a true blessing.

To top off the whole weekend our Celebration was great! The theme was the 50's as I dressed up in a clean white shirt with rolled up dark blue jeans and Sketchers black cap toe shoes with white socks! To top it all off I had my hair slicked back for that hot look!

It was GREAT! One of my buddies did a firedance that took my breathe away! He breathed fire and laid the fire blade on his feet. It was simply awesome!

For myself I performed the song Arms of Love by Craig Musseau as I haven't performed this Christian worship song for 5 years in public. It was great to perform with my heart!

Overall it is bittersweet and MY TRAINING HAS JUST BEGUN!

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