Saturday, March 19, 2005

1st Week in the Kings County Court Offices

This week moving to find out more about having power in my financial life. After reading a post on the Rich Dad community named "PLANE GIRL", I used her template to get to know the offices and get a feeling of the people as well as the information down there. Going down there was like any municipal area - full of busy and rushed people. After some hours of searching and asking questions I was able to:

* Find the lis pendens on not only KINGS but all of New York. The papers are only available for KINGS county though so the information is rather incomplete for the other boroughs.

* ACRIS and the NYC Property Taxes are online so I can find info that way also.

* Title examiners are nice but like the muncipal workers they are busy.

* Most city employees favorite word is "No!". I asked one if "Do you always say 'No'?" and they said "Yes". *smile*

* The employees are the key holders. Some keyholders are nicer than others.

* It is about creating relationships. Having sweets is a great way to make new friends. Met another investor that I can list my houses with now.

Overall it is a productive week for me as I am learning and creating more power in my life. I am still working on the County Clerk's office and learning. Next step is to find how to get a list of the Judgements of Foreclosure and Sales in the system.


Anonymous said...

I couldnt find PLANE GIRLS Post through the searches. Any idea where I can find it?

Abundance & Success said...

Plane Girl has 2 posts which were great:

Her Diary

The other one that I have used to start looking in the County Clerk's office I have on a word doc. I can send it to you if you give me your email address. Thanks!