Monday, May 16, 2005

Financial Lobtomy? - Review of T Harv Ecker's Millionaire Mind Intensive Workshop

A few weeks I attended an intro to new best selling author T Harv Ecker who wrote THE SECRETS OF THE MILLIONAIRE MIND.

It was a very fun and high energy session as it used various NLP and
modern marketing and teaching methods to engage the audience to learn
how to change their psychology of wealth.

He writes... Give me five minutes, and I can predict your finanical
future for the rest of your life!

Many of my Cashflow members shared how great it was and I don't like to be sold but I was open to learning so I attended their 3 full day workshop called THE MILLIONAIRE MIND INTENSIVE.

The word I can describe is "VERY VALUABLE" - ok.. that was 2 words!
When I went into the workshop I was a bit skeptical as I have been to business seminars from Robert Allen, Business Week, Primerica, etc... and all of them were rather hard sells and promotions. I expected the same I quickly changed my mind as it resembles more of a motivational session with Anthony Robbins BUT I didn't have to pay thousands for it!

Each day is a full 12 - 14 hrs of experiential processes, lecture, affirmations, and group discussions for an intensive "surgery" of my psychology. Even after years of learning Rich Dad principles I still have things in me that was to be reminded and instilled in my heart. Each session is filled with strategies and techniques to TRAIN MY MIND on becoming a millionaire.

It is more than just the simple techniques in THINK AND GROW RICH but instead
something more sophisticated in behavioral technology.

I found out things like...
* I was too hard on myself.
* I didn't like receiving compliments.
* I choose hard instead of easy to get wins.
* I believe the rich are snobbish elite people.

I would say it is uses some of the principles and ideas from personal development
courses like The Great Life Foundation (aka Harmony Trainings) and Landmark Education.

The difference is that it applied those ideas into the area of finance and our
relationship with it. Overall I experienced an incredible blessing and signed
up for one of the courses.

If you would like to attend a FREE introduction session.
Just go to:
Please fill out and use the selection AMBASSADOR for how you heard about this intro. My code is 233818.

Again, it is the best seminar that has high value that I would pay to go into it again.


astatic said...

I also recently attended this seminar and found it extremely valuable. Though they gave me some great advice, the most valuable thing I took away from the seminar was my need to take action now instead of falling back into complacency.

Highly recommended.

Abundance & Success said...

Thanks! Agreed. It is a way to deal with the psychology of wealth. They do upsell to other education modules on HOW TO however this was more of why.