Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Awakening - My Witness to Transforming Lives!

What is the Awakening?

It is the first level of a life tranformation training called The Great Life Foundation (click here for their former site called Harmony Trainings) that I have been attending for the past several months. To further develop in my personal growth, the 4th level is STAFFING or serving others in the training to find their heart, spirit, or inner child.

I was part of a team of 10 staff with one trainer witness and faciliating the breakthroughs of 22 people who wanted something extra or next level in life. In 4 days, I saw and experienced them turning into half hearted, hard, and cold people to warm, passionate, loving, strong, courageous, and alive people! It was truly a breath of fresh air as their aura totally changed.

I was served an image of myself as I lead a small group of 2 people. One was analytical and another passionless. It reflected me as I see how they were like me in many ways. It served me a great lesson.

I have the opportunity to meet and staff the Awakening of Mark Archer and Exhibuilder.

What I am learning:
* Be accountable doesn't mean beat up time. Fault or blame is not the same as accountable. Being accountable means looking at how I contributed to my present and the power of decisions and meanings create how things look in my life. When I am accountable I am not a victim.
* I still feel uncomfortable at times moving out of my comfort zone with regards to relationships. Being open to people is still a challenge to me.
* It is good to connect with people I love and it takes living up to my commitment.
* It is inspiring when people open themselves and show their inner spirit and heart.
* I deserve to be in unity with powerful people as I am a powerful person.

Overall, I am honored to witness and be a part of the Awakening of wonderful people.

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