Sunday, May 22, 2005

CNN Article - "No-money down mania: Wannabe millionaires are flocking to gurus who say anyone can get rich in real estate. Not exactly."

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Great read that brings some healthy balance to the continuous upselling and "get rich quick schemes" by the numbers. I believe it holds water as alot of information is out there for free.

What is everyone's else experience about these courses?


Gen said...

There was just a Robert Allen Institute here in NYC that I attended. And they had me hook, line and sinker. But, for some reason, I just didn't sit well with me. And they've called three times tryin' to register me. And after reading the CNN Article, I won't register now. I feel I could do this by educating myself. But, between the article and those programs. My faith in real estate has been shaken a bit. I need some reconfirmation. 1
Also, I see you from BK. I live in Crown Heights, holla @ me, son.

Abundance & Success said...

Agreed. I have someone I met at the county clerk's office and I believe that the RA institute charges a very high price for information that can be easily gathered for free if needed. Most of the money goes to the sales and "coaches" which they say are "mentors".

Money can be made in real estate. It is not as 1-2-3 as some purport it to be but it is the most steady way to create wealth in USA.