Monday, January 31, 2005

Harmony Trainings LIFTOFF !!!!! - Weekend 2

Wow! It was an amazing weekend in Utah for my 2nd weekend. The topic was ENROLLMENT. Before getting on the plane, I was getting the jitters for the new stretches as they seem not only 100 + 1 but more like 200% to get them accomplished!

Getting there it was great seeing my LiftOff family and it was good to be in a place where I have digged into my heart to find the light and darkness.

This week we have an INCREDIBLE and AMAZING experience. We were learning how about how to share ourselves with others and create more power and achieving our visions / dreams by ENROLLING ourselves and others into it. It is captivating for our group to be on the same page and working to the same goal. The energy was so powerful as each step was painful at first. Each failure taught us more and more about ourselves as our trainer was firm and direct saying, "are we clear? are we conscious?" in our lives. When we became honest and clear things are amazing. The energy from each other was mixed and after each moment it became so sharp and penetrating that it was flowing! After we achieved there was a moment of complete EXSTACY and pure JOY! It was an amazing achievement!

LESSON: If one is clear and everyone is enrolled, things are possible and dreams come true! Be conscious is required by all to make things happen!

The stretch after the exercise is usually a feeling of complete dread but through this time it was a feeling of CLARITY. It is a feeling of CERTAINTY that we are getting things done. The stretch confirmed our power as my group finished our stretch in less than 1 hr though we were given 2. We created a MIRACLE for a homeless family and it was totally amazing on the thrill and life we felt. It was pure beauty and love! Our spirits soared!

It has been a great week again and the energy lasts even today. Today sharing with people my experiences and how powerful the training is. I recommend it to most people when I have time to sit down and talk with them.

Amazing and Awesome!

When coming back after learning the lesson, I missed a coaching call and I totally felt horrible. It was a sick feeling and I started to beat myself up for it. It was typical until I stopped and forgave myself. How many times do I have to do this? Why did it happen? The lesson learned on Saturday became more personal in this failure - Live Life Consciously, Live Life with Myself Enrolled, If not then I fall back into my past weeks that have not served me.

There is a desire to share more in depth but it is really an amazing set of people in LiftOff.

Lastly I finally met with Harry. He is working on his first real estate deal in Seattle. Quest has opened the doors for him. It was great to see his Summit Celebration! I am so happy that he, like me, has found a new family that loves him and supports him in this world. I am sure that the joy he feels is worth the time, money, and energy that is invested in Harmony. Harry & Jennifer - both of you are awesome!

PS Harmony Trainings Institute is now called "Great Life Foundation".

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