Sunday, January 09, 2005

Harmony Trainings LIFTOFF !!!!! - Weekend 1

It is amazing how it feels going to Harmony (aka Harmony Trainings). An fast tracker named LesGee has recommended this life transformation training to clear my being and be honest and grounded in who I am and what is my purpose in life. If I am successful then all the success will come to me (BE- DO - HAVE). This is distinct than saying I want success so I work for it and then I am successful (DO - HAVE - BE).

Some background of the 3 levels in Harmony's core schedule:

Level 1 - Quest - I learned that my past family issues really made me look at how unworthy I felt. Love was conditional and parents were always getting down on me in order to "teach" me how to be a better person. I learned accepting things as it is and moving on. It is a valuable experience as leading others can freak me out.

Level 2 - Summit - I learned alot about unconditional love and how people support me. It is really incredible to FEEL it rather than just "learn it". I received my mission in life and it is a grand mission that makes me happy about this life. It was really hard to leave some people.

Level 3 - LIFTOFF - I made 3 goals for me to create. It is life or death. Either I DO it or DO NOT DO it. No more stories but just doing and creating it.

In my first weekend, we did a ropes course and it was really great what I learned:

  • My relationships with women changed as I realize that I am a "hero" in a relationship. I believed that a man does everything and is responsible for everything in a relationship. I learned a lesson in PARTNERSHIP.
  • I can do anything that I set my heart to. Fear is a big motivator but ground myself and DO IT. The rewards outweigh the risk.
  • My team assisted me in my most difficult task. I didn't want to be the weakest link but everyone was into the win / win situation. They assisted me to continue on and they figured another way to get me on track - Truly Amazing! Without our love, it wouldn't have happened!
  • My lack of leadership kills! If I said something it would have changed the outcome of a situation. I didn't say what was wrong and it just killed everyone.

There are more. I would challenge anyone who wants something or someone that they consider doing Harmony! If you have questions let me know!

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