Monday, February 21, 2005

How I am Playing Cashflow in Real Life!

On Fridays, I am a host of the Rich Dad Poor Dad board game CASHFLOW in NYC. We meet weekly to network and learn more about creating financial freedom in our lives. For myself I have been playing this game for 3 years and the lessons I have learned have been very valuable and the people are superb!

Last Friday on Feburary 18, 2004, I delivered my first speech / talk titled "HOW I AM PLAYING CASHFLOW IN REAL LIFE?". There were 10 people in audience and it was received with high marks from most people. Lasting for 1 hour I spoke about how I started this journey to financial freedom many years ago after breaking up with my girlfriend. It was very hard as it took me 2 years to recover and at that time I realized that possibilities are infinite and I choose to live my life at my terms. From there I moved to reading finanical money management authors like Suze Orman, Ric Edelman, Andrew Tobias among others. The revolution came from the Rich Dad series which spurred me to read Napoleon Hill, George Clason, Jim Rohn, etc.... There are so many good books that moved me into thinking a greater life. I changed my finances to start saving in my 401k and Roth IRA and had a plan to retire in 30 years working a J-O-B!

In addition to the books, I started playing Robert Kiyosaki's cashflow game in which I practiced learning how to get out of the rat race with many different kinds of people. Many of which were newbies learning investment vehicles like Real Estate, Business, and Pape Assets. During this time I am reading and learning in the safety of my comfort zone.

The large change came from my downsize in June 2003 in which my company let me go and I decided to started to explore finanical freedom through learning about preforeclosures from a investor in LI. It was a learning experience but after some time I believed I wanted to learn more and move on. During this time I was involved in a few RE deals that created win situations for everyone.

In this time I talked with more real players in real life including LesGee from the forums. It is through this talk that we created the REST Training in NYC in Fall of 2004. It is an eye opener as LesGee plays the cashflow game in a larger national context and it truly impressed me.

Afterwards LesGee shared with me on the model of "BE DO HAVE".

BE DO HAVE model

BE a success
DO or act on tasks that create success
HAVE success as they are the results of my being.


DO HAVE BE model
DO or act on tasks that create success
HAVE successful results
BE a success or feeling it.

These were the 2 paradigms and most people approach life with the 2nd model instead of the 1st model. LesGee challenged me to change my BEING in order for me to change my results instead of spinning my wheels. He challenged me to Harmony Trainings in Utah in which I am finishing it up this weekend.

IT IS AN EXCITING LIFE to life as if I am a success! Instead of concentrating on worry of how I concentrate on me feeling successful.

The talk lasted for 1 hour and if I outlined my "formula" for success with this:

Dreams / Vision / Mission
Desire & Affirmations
Strengths & Weaknesses
Mastermind / Team
Review and Followup

It is a simple formula from my experiences and learning from other successful people in life.


guardianx said...

hi asian wolf it is me guardianx.i live in queens but i would like to join your game group. I'm a newbie so please spare me.

please email me if i can join

Abundance & Success said...


The game time is posted on the Rich Dad boards again:

Sony Plaza Atrium 55 / 56 St and Madison Avenue