Monday, February 07, 2005

Harmony Trainings LIFTOFF !!!!! - Weekend 3

Came back from weekend 3 and it was about ABUNDANCE. Perfect for a blog about it right? Let's say that this week I have been humbled by the sharing of my fellow buddies and seeing the incredible abundance in their lives. More than once my fellow buddies have said that I am a powerful loving man. I was shocked at how many have told me that I have inspired them with my light. It is humbling. Of all the issues, it is me accepting myself to be a POWERFUL, LOVING, COMPASSIONATE man! During the stretches and other challenges I have been experiencing failure after failure. At times I have teared and cried about it as it does hurt to wonder how I caused this pain of failure. It is a learning process that I am going through.

Lesson: RESULTS do not lie. If my INTENTION is not clear and my ACTION is not committed then I have mixed results and FAILURE.

I found that my liftoff group is the last one of Harmony Trainings! They have changed the name to GREAT LIFE FOUNDATION to reflect a greater mission for them.

I had the opportunity to finally talk to a fellow cashflower named Harry. He is in liftoff 202 and we felt connected with a brotherhood though we haven't really spent much time. He told me of how another retired investor is taking Harry under his wing to develop him as a REI investor. I am so proud of him and it feels like the blessings are for me also.

Also I had lunch with another investor named John who is located in the Virginia area. He is implementing some principles from UtahInvestor's 300 posts. He is a trainee of Mark but I believe he is moving in another direction. It is inspiring to hear of how he is doing very well with his real estate business. He offered housing for me in Virginia. It is awesome to tap into the love and power of people!

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