Sunday, March 29, 2009

Analyze Business

These days I have been consistently learning as I realize that constant openness and learning is one of the keys to growth in business and investing (yes I know EVERYONE knows that). One of the keys to this is having a team (yes EVERYONE knows that also).

However this past year as well as 2008, I have been building my knowledge through one of my teachers / mentors Mr. Adal. I met him 2 years ago from another budding entrepreneur who spoke highly of how this teacher's instruction was precise, accurate, and the real deal. In this world of business and investing there are MANY who don't want you to succeed because they haven't or they don't want competition.

After going to the first few classes, I thought, "I am a real estate investor and I want to learn how to flip, rehab, buy notes, etc...." So I left the class and never looked back until last year in 2008. Going through the industry I realized I needed to learn not only through books and doing deals but actually from others. While many have learned the path to success without a teacher, I realized I deserved the best by learning from a success to accelerate my path to my goals.

Going into the classes. I am armed with many past experiences that makes me a doer (though I learned from the School of Hard Knocks and it is not pleasant many times). Mr. Adal is knowledgeable, patient, and giving in his instruction. He focuses on a very conservative, common sense, comprehensive approach to the money game as he focuses on INVESTING $$$ (the other parts such as SAVING, BUDGETING, etc... he doesn't handle). He doesn't focus on flipping or trading which is a short term approach but using technical analysis to combine with fundamental analysis he sees what is a real investment and what is just speculation.

Unlike many gurus who espouse the get rich quick and leverage your credit card to buy education valued thousands of dollars (but priced more than double the college education of a #1 tiered business school like Harvard when the information is general and can be bought in a book store), his instruction be sensible and make informed decisions on whatever is done -> lower the liability and risk to make things happen. He even requires us to have tests (which guru has done that?).

The results? A greater awareness of what is a good deal and what is a bad deal. His predictions on the market are accurate and common sense. While the market is going down and people have lost $$$ (including myself), he continues to preserve his wealth and building it.

While I don't agree with all that is said, he assists in sharpening my "game" so I can play in this downturn economy and still succeed! I deserved a successful teacher and got not only one but others this year. Do you have one that really is interested in you? and willing to grow you also?

PS His website has the latest class schedules.

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