Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Congrats to Runner Up JAMES SUN on his place in Apprentice 6

James Sun is the runner up to Stefani Schaeffer from season 6 the Apprentice. It was amazing throughout the whole finale that James was the heads on favorite due to his strong performance as Project Manager of Arrow Corporation throughout the 14 week reality tv interview process. The winner gets to be an apprentice of real estate mogul Donald Trump with a paid salary of $250K. Throughout the whole interview process, James was top notch in his sales ability, leadership, energy, and focus. You can view the whole interview process at:


What was baffling was the finale in which Stefani Schaeffer, a 32 yr old defense attorney, won the Apprentice even though she never was the project manager. Trump fires James with the enigmatic words:

"I didn't like some of the dialogue……you know what I mean."

It was baffling to me as a viewer as it seemed that James was fit in the mold of previous apprentice winners - entrepreneurial, high energy, intelligent, aggressive, risk taker, etc.. among other things.

With that Stephani Schaeffer became the winner for this season's Apprentice. She is deserving however throughout the whole interview process she didn't risk or even put herself on the hot seat like the others in the Project Manager position. However she did contribute greatly to the success of her teams.

To James - BRAVO for representing the asian american community and much continued success at your business and personal endeavors!

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