Thursday, February 08, 2007

Happy New Year 2007! - Starting a new leaf

Yes it is now February and many things have been happening from the New Year to now. For the most part I have made quite a few new initiatives like most people which include:

* new body - losing 20 lbs this year
* new mind - working on being a better entrepreneur
* new spirit - having a happier attitude and focusing more on the good in life

among other things...

One of the main things that seems evident however something I am learning is letting go of old habits in order to make way for the new. It seems so easy to fall back on old comfortable habits and forging way into new ones does takes time and energy and focus.

I have a list of over 40 goals that I want to achieve and realize before I pass away. Alot of these are not outrageous however instead in order to create them it does take risk, smarts, and work. Ah the dreaded "W-O-R-K" word! It is something that I am also learning that it is not bad however it is the vehicle to success in life. Doesn't it seem natural to want to do nothing and get something in life? I know for myself I am spoiled by my family who seem to do things the "hard" way and share in the spoils of it while I work at things and don't like to "work hard". I realize that while work seems mundane it is only a perception. These days I am looking to change my ideas of work in order to achieve some of the things that I am envisioning for myself such as the new BODY, new MIND, and new SPIRIT.

So this is what I am doing this year:
* reading and repeating my personal affirmations to ready my spirit
* centering myself with support aides such as visual collages
* work a plan to go from 10 minutes daily to studying more on any topics I have
* make minor changes and repeating them for at least 30 days to create new positive habits

By the end of the year, I have more successes to share in my life!

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