Monday, September 11, 2006

Pics from 9-11-2006 World Trade Center Ceremony

Here are some pics of the ceremony down at the NYC World Trade Center site on September 11, 2006.

Click here to view my pics

You can view more grassroots photos about September 11, 2001 by going to:

Here is New York: A Democracy of Photos

Here is an interview with our ex Mayor - Rudy Giuliani remembering on the 5th Year Anniversary of 9-11

Click here to see the interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News


Hey thanks Dave. Five years later and the emotion is still there. I
remember standing in front of the towers in awe the first time I was
ever in NYC. Awesome pics -- captured the spirit that was there.

David S. - Buffalo, NY

Thanks David!

Nancy - Long Island, NY

Dave -- Thanks for sharing your photos with members of the Power Team. In 2001, I was working for Good Morning America and had the opportunity to do a number of stories relating to the tragedy -- the work of the volunteers at Ground Zero, the families of police officers and firefighters who lost their lives, memorial ceremonies for the airline flight crews, and so on -- such a sad time, but also somehow inspiring to see so many people (formerly strangers) pulling together and helping one another through this unimaginable situation.

Tom M - Ridgefield, CT

Nice pictures. You got some cool ones of the Tribute of Light. Thanks for
Erin s - Brooklyn, NY

Thanks for the pics...they were moving.
Your day at Ground Zero must have filled with emotions, sights and sounds.
Howard C - Queens, NY

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