Saturday, January 14, 2006

Want to Accelerate Your Learning Financial Literacy? Play Cashflow!

I have been playing the game Cashflow by Robert Kiyosaki - NYT Best Seller author of the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad". There are so many insights in that book and the succeeding books that it peers into building financial literacy and the game of money being played from the smallest person to the largest corporations and countries. I have been playing for several years now and I host a club in one of the metro NYC areas.

What I have learned is:
* How to recongnize a good or bad deal.
* What is an asset and what is a liability.
* How to read a basic financial statement.
* How abundant the opportunities are out there to create wealth.
* How to communicate with others to joint venture or negotiate favorable terms.
* When to leverage and when not to leverage.
* What are some of the challenges I have to attain wealth.

There are many more insights that I have learned and implement in real life as I take some of the principles and apply to real life and back to the game. I have played well over a hundred games and I learn about myself and others through it. I have also played with people who are advanced in real life and proceed to continue to learn through it.

In addition, I have hosted the game many times as I am self fulfilled when sharing my knowledge to others. I have many times found people say how interesting or something they didn't realize or how much they learned when playing when I am hosting / teaching. Right now I don't have as much time to do it and also I am aiming to build a stronger foundation and core to the group so I collaborated with another member to systematize the hosting. It should be very interesting work.

If you haven't yet I suggest you purchase the game and begin to learn about yourself and how to build wealth.


Friday January 20, 2006 Cashflow Session
Something to share about yesterday's meeting.

The last few months we have received a sporadic few people who are inconsistent in coming to play the cashflow games. I believe it is due to the energy that the group has dwindled to. Inconsistent focus and commitment to one's inner truth.

The core members have been discussing changing the group dynamics with the possibilty of closing the group to other newcomers and making it into a MASTERMIND or investment club to enable the core members to focus on improving each other. In addtion, we have various other cashflow groups that just play the game just to play it without regards to implementing the philosophy in real life and other larger groups that are doing it in real life.

So yesterday we didn't see a large turn out of people so we were going to move forward and discuss about how to actualize our dreams in real life with tangible action steps.

In less than a few minutes, 3 newcomers joined us. 2 of which said they were creating an investment club and saw we were playing the game (they played frequently on the egame and several times on the board game). 1 came once and that was a few months ago.

Fast forward after 2.5 hrs and the reactions are: "wow", "I never saw that before", "I have to come back", "This is great", "There is so much information that I am overwhelmed in a good way", etc....

The newcomers were glad that there were people who were generous to be open and give back to others.

A few things at random that floated in my mind:
* It is good to give back to the community. I always felt that it is possibly ego driven but I enjoy sharing what I know.
* The hosting system that we created needs more tweaking but we will have a hosting system tweaked out in the next few weeks.
* Keeping the group open gives new blood and to feel that wonder of seeing the game new is fun.
* We are growing our brothers and sisters in life. I totally respect others who are serious about their lives and want to live to the fullest.
* Not all are ready to embark on the journey as many have said they will come but they don't come.
* Be inspired by ourselves first. This will enroll and inspire others.



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