Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005!

It has been a long month as many of the deals that I have been working on has not moved much or have died. It feels like I am spinning a bunch of dishes on some poles and sooner than later the dishes just spun out and cracked. For a time, it was a relief but also much disappointment.

I felt "when is this business really going to take off?". After a day of centering myself by taking a break by going to the Hudson Trail in NJ, I was reminded about the simple joys in life that don't cost money but instead just requires an open heart.

It is good and I gives thanks for the simple things in my life:

* My family - although it seems that there is continual disagreements as usual, I love my family and knowing that it gives me a reason to wake up.

* My friends - they are good and knowing them sharpens me to be a better person, it is truly a gift to have friends that don't necessarily criticize but instead support

* My God - having this life is a gift and I give thanks to God for it, it is very simple for me to forget where things have come from and it is a good to be reminded that life and beauty and love comes from the Source in life.

* My life - it has been a year of learning and creating, there are times that I don't but I am encouraged by times that I remind myself of the life that I have is a good life, going to the Great Life really focused on self love and to appreciate the value that I am and I show up in this life.

* My health - I know that I abuse my body from time to time whether it be an extra hour in the gym or the late night munchies but I am thankful for how it is good that I can walk, talk, exercise, and still be young in the things that I do

Oh.. the list can go on and on but I appreciate the blessings that I have in life. Things are much easier when I see life with a childlike playful attitude and show up in life with all the joy, love, and faith to enjoy it!

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