Tuesday, August 23, 2005

August Update - What Have I Been Doing?

* Learning whatever on the different corporate entities to shield me from liabilities as I have been doing it as a sole proprietor. I have came down to incorporating as an LLC and it being taxed as a corp (whether S or C).

I received alot of assistance from this thread:

I am also consulting a CPA that I found from a referral.

* Working on getting my 1st rehab done in Philly. The contractor has not met our deadlines and is at the point where he underbidded and is working slower as he is looking for money to complete this project. We had a sticky meeting in which my partner and I are considering looking for someone to complete the work. The work is coming along but just slow. The contractor says he will not make any profit but he is completing it because he said that is what he would do.

* Finding deals in Philly for my contractor friend. I would put them up but I will wait until we are on the way. I want to put examples on what is going on rather than possibilities.

* Talking to my Great Life Buddies - we are living :) Things have been good and seeing them living is great. We have a special unsaid connection but for the most part it is a great memory in my life. We are all living and growing. Some are more happy and some of us are so busy that we don't have time to know if we are happy or not.

* Enjoying the NYC summer as I met one of my goals in watching the Shakespeare in the Park. It is really great! I am going to miss this summer.

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