Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Knocking on Mrs A's Door

Just came back from Mrs A's house. I was notified about the notice of default on her property from a foreclosure website. I dropped a letter offering my services to stop the foreclosure. It is a dreary rainy cloudy grey day.

I rung the door bell

ME: "Hello I am here to see Mrs. AM is she here?"

Mrs. A: "What is going on?"

ME: "I left a message with her and wanted to talk with her regardining an issue with the house."

Mrs. A: "She is not here and she will never come back" Slam the door.

* I waited for a few minutes debating on how to ring the doorbell and seeing what else I can say to start the conversation. I didn't want to talk with her about the foreclosure unless she is the owner. Many things going in my head. Next thing I know she opens the door*

Mrs. A: "Why are you here? I told you she is never coming back. Why don't you leave?"

ME: "I am a 3rd party vendor who talks with lenders regarding the house. I am here to help the situation."

Mrs. A: "Look you are not dressed professionally [I was in a white clean tee shirt, black jeans, and black sneakers with a napsack.], you don't have any identification for the 3rd party company you are from and you don't have any cards, you ring my doorbell and stand out here. Just get out of here."

ME: "I am here to help Mrs. Are you the owner of the house?"

Mrs. A: "Leave now or I am calling the police."

*Looking at the situation the shields are up with her and I wasn't sure how to take them down. I left in stride and went on my next run.*

It is a learning experience that I am still digesting. The 2nd was foreclosing but it was less than $12K in arrears. I figured some of the things gave me feedback:

* It would serve to have a stronger script and verbal rebounding skills.
* Dress more professionally.
* Offer the owner a business card for them to feel that I am for real.

Hopefully I can illuminate more with any successes that I do have.

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